The most common reason that clients keep sending requests is when they get an answer they don’t like. The best way to slow them down is to just stop responding to them.


    key remote-id
    rate = 5
    per = 30

Section parameters


The key to use to distinguish between clients. By default the DUID is used, but depending on your environment a different key may be appropriate. Possible values are:

  • duid
  • interface-id
  • remote-id
  • subscriber-id
  • linklayer-id

If the chosen key is not available in the incoming request then the rate limiter will automatically fall back to identification by DUID.

Default: “duid”


The number of messages that a client may send per time slot.

Default: “5”


The duration of a time slot in seconds.

Default: “30”


The burst size allowed.

Default: The same as the rate.