Implement the Leasequery protocol (RFC 5007) and Bulk Leasequery protocol (RFC 5460).


    allow-from 2001:db8::ffff:1
    allow-from 2001:db8:1:2::/64

    sensitive-option sip-servers-domain-name-list
    sensitive-option sip-servers-address-list

    <lq-sqlite /var/lib/dhcpkit/leasequery.sqlite />

Section parameters

allow-from (multiple allowed)

Leasequeries are not used for normal operations. They can disclose information about clients on your network. Therefore you can specify from which clients to accept leasequeries.

Not specifying any trusted clients will allow leasequeries from everywhere. This is strongly not recommended.

Also note that this only limits which clients may use the leasequery protocol. Clients that are performing bulk leasequeries also need to set up a TCP connection to this server. This has to be explicitly allowed in the Listen-tcp listener.


allow-from 2001:db8::ffff:1
allow-from 2001:db8:beef::/48
sensitive-option (multiple allowed)

DHCPv6 servers SHOULD be configurable with a list of “sensitive options” that must not be returned to the requestor when specified in the OPTION_ORO of the OPTION_LQ_QUERY option in the LEASEQUERY message. Any option on this list MUST NOT be returned to a requestor, even if requested by that requestor.


sensitive-option recursive-name-servers
sensitive-option 23

Possible sub-section types

Leasequery_store (required)
Configuration sections that define Leasequery stores. Each leasequery section must configure exactly one store. Stores perform the storing of lease data at the end of a DHCPv6 request. They also handle the queries from Leasequery clients to search in that stored data.