Log to a file. The name of the section is the filename of the log file.


<file /var/log/dhcpkit/dhcpd.log>
    rotate daily
    keep 7
    level info

Section parameters


The log level. Only log messages with a priority of this level or higher are logged to this output. Possible values are:

Log critical errors that prevent the server from working
Log errors that occur
Log warning messages that might indicate a problem
Log informational messages
Log messages that are usually only useful when debugging issues
Log the sending and receiving of packets
Log everything about how a request is handled

Default: “warning”


Rotate the log file automatically. Valid options are:

“hourly” or “hour”
Rotate the log file every hour
“daily” or “day”
Rotate the log file every day
“weekly” or “week”
Rotate the log file every week
Rotate the log file based on size

Default: do not rotate based

When rotating based on size a file size must be specified. You can use the suffixed “kb”, “mb” or “gb” to make the value more readable.
When rotating log files you must specify how many files to keep.