dhcpkit.ipv6.server.filters.elapsed_time.config module

Filter on elapsed time indicated by the client

class dhcpkit.ipv6.server.filters.elapsed_time.config.ElapsedTimeFilter(filter_condition: object, sub_filters: Iterable = None, sub_handlers: Iterable = None)[source]

Bases: dhcpkit.ipv6.server.filters.Filter

Filter on marks that have been placed on the incoming message


A short description of this filter for log messages.

Returns:The description
match(bundle: dhcpkit.ipv6.server.transaction_bundle.TransactionBundle) → bool[source]

Check if the elapsed time is within the configured limits

Parameters:bundle – The transaction bundle
Returns:Whether the elapsed time is within the limits
class dhcpkit.ipv6.server.filters.elapsed_time.config.ElapsedTimeFilterFactory(section: ZConfig.matcher.SectionValue)[source]

Bases: dhcpkit.ipv6.server.filters.FilterFactory

Create a MarkedWithFilter


alias of ElapsedTimeFilter


The filter condition is based on the configured time limits.

Returns:A list of time limits

Check that at least one filter condition is provided, and that if multiple conditions are provided they are compatible with each other.

class dhcpkit.ipv6.server.filters.elapsed_time.config.TimeLimit(operator, limit)

Bases: tuple


Alias for field number 1


Alias for field number 0