Source code for dhcpkit.ipv6.server.listeners.factories

Factory base classes for listener factories

import socket
from ipaddress import IPv6Address

from dhcpkit.common.server.config_elements import ConfigElementFactory
from dhcpkit.ipv6 import SERVER_PORT

[docs]class ListenerFactory(ConfigElementFactory): """ Base class for listener factories """ sock_type = None sock_proto = None listen_port = SERVER_PORT
[docs] def match_socket(self, sock: socket.socket, address: IPv6Address, interface: int = 0) -> bool: """ Determine if we can recycle this socket :param sock: An existing socket :param address: The address we want :param interface: The interface number we want :return: Whether the socket is suitable """ if != socket.AF_INET6 or sock.type != self.sock_type or sock.proto != self.sock_proto: # Different protocol return False sockname = sock.getsockname() if IPv6Address(sockname[0].split('%')[0]) != address \ or sockname[1] != self.listen_port \ or sockname[3] != interface: # Wrong address return False # Amazing! This one seems to match return True
[docs]class UDPListenerFactory(ListenerFactory): """ Base class for UDP listener factories """ sock_type = socket.SOCK_DGRAM sock_proto = socket.IPPROTO_UDP
[docs]class TCPListenerFactory(ListenerFactory): """ Base class for TCP listener factories """ sock_type = socket.SOCK_STREAM sock_proto = socket.IPPROTO_TCP