Source code for dhcpkit.ipv6.server.extensions.ntp.config

Configuration elements for the NTP option handlers
from dhcpkit.ipv6.extensions.ntp_suboption_registry import ntp_suboption_registry
from dhcpkit.ipv6.server.extensions.ntp import NTPServersOptionHandler
from dhcpkit.ipv6.server.handlers import HandlerFactory

[docs]class NTPServersOptionHandlerFactory(HandlerFactory): """ Create the handler for NTP servers. """
[docs] def clean_config_section(self): """ Convert the data to the right types """ converted_suboptions = {} for suboption_type, suboption_values in self.section.suboptions.items(): suboption_class = ntp_suboption_registry.by_name[suboption_type] # See if this option supports loading from configuration datatype = suboption_class.config_datatype if not datatype: raise ValueError("{} cannot be used in the configuration".format(suboption_type)) # Convert the values and store converted_suboption_values = [datatype(value) for value in suboption_values] converted_suboptions[suboption_type] = converted_suboption_values # And replace the string versions self.section.suboptions = converted_suboptions
[docs] def validate_config_section(self): """ Make sure the keys refer to actual NTP sub-options """ for key in self.suboptions: # Lower-case the key so we have a canonical name key_lower = key.lower() # Check if the type exists if key_lower not in ntp_suboption_registry.by_name: raise ValueError("'{}' is not a known NTP server type".format(key))
[docs] def create(self) -> NTPServersOptionHandler: """ Create a handler of this class based on the configuration in the config section. :return: A handler object """ # Create the real suboptions. I think that usually one suboption type will be used, but in case someone uses # different types let's sort them alphabetically to at least have consistency. Unfortunately we can't know the # original order in the config file anymore :( suboptions = [] suboption_types = sorted(self.suboptions.keys()) for suboption_type in suboption_types: suboption_class = ntp_suboption_registry.by_name[suboption_type] suboption_values = self.suboptions[suboption_type] for suboption_value in suboption_values: suboption = suboption_class(suboption_value) suboptions.append(suboption) return NTPServersOptionHandler(suboptions, always_send=self.always_send)