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Configuration elements for the MAP server option handlers
import math

from cached_property import cached_property
from dhcpkit.common.server.config_elements import ConfigElementFactory
from import S46PortParametersOption, S46RuleOption
from import MapEOptionHandler, MapTOptionHandler
from dhcpkit.ipv6.server.handlers import HandlerFactory

[docs]def power_of_two(value: str) -> int: """ Validate whether this is an integer that is a power of two. :param value: The config string :return: The integer value """ value = int(value) if value <= 0 or ((value & (value - 1)) != 0): raise ValueError("Value is not a power of 2") return value
[docs]class MapRule(ConfigElementFactory): """ Representation of a single MAP rule """ @cached_property def k_bits(self): """ k bits: length in bits of the PSID (2^k == sharing_ratio) :return: Number of bits """ return int(math.log(self.sharing_ratio, 2)) @cached_property def m_bits(self): """ m bits: number of bits after the PSID (2^m == contiguous ports) :return: Number of bits """ return int(math.log(self.contiguous_ports, 2)) @cached_property def a_bits(self): """ a bits: offset of the PSID bits :return: Number of bits """ return 16 - self.k_bits - self.m_bits @cached_property def ea_len(self): """ Calculate the number of Embedded Address bits. :return: Number of bits """ ipv4_bits = 32 - self.ipv4_prefix.prefixlen return ipv4_bits + self.k_bits
[docs] def validate_config_section(self): """ Check whether the combination of parameters make sense. """ if self.a_bits < 0: raise ValueError("There are not enough bits in a port number for a sharing ratio of {}" "with {} contiguous ports".format(self.sharing_ratio, self.contiguous_ports)) if self.ipv6_prefix.prefixlen + self.ea_len > 64: raise ValueError("An IPv6 prefix length of {} is too short" "for {} Embedded Address bits".format(self.ipv6_prefix.prefixlen, self.ea_len))
[docs] def create(self) -> S46RuleOption: """ Create a MAP rule option based on the configuration. :return: The mapping rule """ option = S46RuleOption(ea_len=self.ea_len, ipv4_prefix=self.ipv4_prefix, ipv6_prefix=self.ipv6_prefix, options=[ S46PortParametersOption(offset=self.a_bits) ]) option.fmr = self.forwarding_mapping return option
[docs]class MapEOptionHandlerFactory(HandlerFactory): """ Create a handler for putting an S46MapEContainerOption in responses """
[docs] def create(self) -> MapEOptionHandler: """ Create a handler for putting an S46MapEContainerOption in responses :return: A handler object """ return MapEOptionHandler(br_addresses=self.br_addresses, rules=self.map_rules, always_send=self.always_send)
[docs]class MapTOptionHandlerFactory(HandlerFactory): """ Create a handler for putting an S46MapTContainerOption in responses """
[docs] def create(self) -> MapTOptionHandler: """ Create a handler for putting an S46MapTContainerOption in responses :return: A handler object """ return MapTOptionHandler(dmr_prefix=self.default_mapping, rules=self.map_rules, always_send=self.always_send)