Source code for dhcpkit.ipv6.server.config_datatypes

Extra datatypes for the server configuration

from ipaddress import IPv6Address

from dhcpkit.ipv6.messages import Message
from dhcpkit.utils import camelcase_to_dash
from typing import Type

[docs]def unicast_address(value: str) -> IPv6Address: """ Parse an IPv6 address and make sure it is a unicast address :param value: The address as string :return: The parsed IPv6 address """ address = IPv6Address(value) if address.is_link_local or address.is_loopback or address.is_multicast or address.is_unspecified: raise ValueError("Address must be a routable IPv6 address") return address
[docs]def message_type(value: str) -> Type[Message]: """ Parse the value as the name of a DHCPv6 message type :param value: The name of the message type :return: The message class """ from dhcpkit.ipv6.message_registry import message_registry # Prepare the value search_value = camelcase_to_dash(value) try: return message_registry.by_name[search_value] except KeyError: raise ValueError("{} is not a valid message type".format(value))